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Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC
Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC Speaking at the Dayton Hamvention

A Broad Range of Amateur Radio Interests and Experience

Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC was first licensed in 2010, when he earned his Extra Class license. Fred has been very active in the Amateur Radio Service since becoming licensed and he has engaged in a wide variety of Amateur Radio activities.


Fred, AB1OC enjoys building Amateur Radio stations. He has built a multi-operator HF Station (photos and more information on QRZ.com) and is active on all of the HF bands from 160m through 10m. He enjoys all modes of operation – SSB, CW, and Digital.

AB1OC Main Tower and Antennas

He enjoys DX’ing, Rag Chewing, Contesting, and Special Event operations on the HF bands. He is the 13 Colonies Special Event State Manager for K2K New Hampshire and has been recognized as a top SSB operator in the 13 Colonies Special Event multiple times.

9-Band DXCC
9-Band DXCC


CQ World Wide WPX Contest Certificate
CQ World Wide WPX Contest Certificate

Fred, AB1OC has numerous HF operating accomplishments including:

  • 9 Band DXCC (320 DXCCs mixed, 287 CW confirmed)
  • DXCC Challenge (2100+ bands-points confirmed)
  • 2014 CQ WW WPX Contest – 1st Place US Area 1 High Power SSB SOAB Assisted (#4 in US, #20 in the World)
  • Worked All Europe Top Plaque
  • Worked All Japan Prefectures
AB1OC Mobile HF Station
AB1OC Mobile HF Station

He is also active from his Mobile HF Station. He has activated parks and other locations using his mobile HF station and enjoys making DX contacts when he is on the road.

Fred, AB1OC is also an avid VHF and above band station builder, operator, and contester. He is active on the 6m Band, 2m EME Band, and on Satellites. His notable operating accomplishments on these bands include VUCC on 6m, 2m, and via Satellites.

Transformational Focus on New Ham Development

Fred, AB1OC has served as President of the Nashua Area Radio Society for the past 5 years. During his tenure, he has transformed NARS from a relatively modest Amateur Radio Club to become a recognized leader in Amateur Radio Licensing and New Ham Development. He led a team that created and delivers license classes for all Amateur Radio License levels (NARS teaches 6 – 7 licenses classes each year). These classes have enabled over 350 folks to earn an Amateur Radio License or License upgrade.

Ham Bootcamp program Featured in October 2020 QST
Ham Bootcamp program featured in October 2020 QST

He has also led NARS in developing innovative programs such as Ham Bootcamp that have helped many Hams to get on the air and to use their licenses more effectively. Over 600 Hams have participated in Ham Bootcamp since its inception and Fred and the NARS team have helped these folks to get on the air and make effective use of their license privileges.

Under his leadership, NARS has developed many programs that provide learning and skills development opportunities to Hams everywhere. You can see a presentation about some of these programs here.

NARS Receives the 2019 Dayton Hamvention Club of the Year Award
NARS Receives the 2019 Dayton Hamvention Club of the Year Award

During Fred, AB1OC’s tenure as President of NARS, the club has grown to be one of the largest in New England with over 400 members. NARS was also recognized as the 2019 Dayton Hamvention Club of the Year.

AB1OC doing Satellite Station Training at Field Day

He has served as Field Day Chairperson at NARS throughout his time as President and has helped NARS to field stations as large as 11A. He has worked with NARS to focus on the role of Field Day as a learning opportunity for young people and new Hams. You can learn more about NARS Field Day here.

A Passion for Bringing Amateur Radio and STEM Learning to Young People

During his time as a Licensed Ham, Fred AB1OC has worked tirelessly to introduce young people to Amateur Radio and to provide STEM learning experiences in schools. He is an active contributor to the Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) program that enables schools to make contact with astronauts on the International Space Station using Amateur Radio.

Fred, AB1OC serves as an ARISS Mentor and also as one of the twelve ARISS Worldwide Ground Station Network stations. He has helped students in nine schools around to world prepare for and make contact with an Astronaut using Amateur Radio.

Helping Hudson Memorial School students to talk to an astronaut on the ISS
Helping Hudson Memorial School students to talk to an astronaut on the ISS

Through his work in the ARISS program, he has been able to introduce many students, parents, and teachers to Amateur Radio-based STEM learning opportunities.

Radio Clubs as Mentors - GOTAs at Schools
Fred provides a Get On The Air experience as part of a Career Day at a School

Fred, AB1OC has introduced many groups of school students to Amateur Radio during career days, STEM nights, school clubs, and other events.

Students Launch a High-Altitude Balloon carrying Amateur Radio
Students Launch a High-Altitude Balloon carrying Amateur Radio

As part of his work at NARS, he created a STEM learning program around High-Altitude Balloons that carry Amateur Radio Telemetry. Fred has worked with teachers in several local Middle and High Schools to create and deliver a 7 hour series of hands-on classroom lessons around the science of High-Altitude Balloon and the Amateur Radio telemetry systems they can carry. He also led efforts to raise the funds required to equip and operate this program.

Fred, AB1OC has also been teaching a 2-hour Introduction to Amateur Radio in a local school.

A Professional Background including Executive Leadership and Strategic Planning

Fred Kemmerer spent the early years of his professional life as a software engineer and as a group manager developing software for wired and wireless telecom equipment.

He has held many executive leadership positions during his professional life. He has extensive strategic planning and executive leadership experience and has served in leadership roles on industry and corporate boards.

His role as TOPS Council Chairman on the ATIS Industry Board of Directors demonstrates his ability to lead a diverse set of stakeholders to identify and solve complex problems through collaboration. He has also served on the FCC Technical Advisory Committee where he worked with industry peers to influence FCC policy.

You can learn more about Fred Kemmerer’s professional background on LinkedIn here.

What Others are saying about Fred, AB1OC

Fred, AB1OC has been widely endorsed by others for his work in support of Amateur Radio and in schools. You can read what others are saying about him here.

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