Fred Kemmerer is certainly an inspiration to so many throughout his Amateur Radio life.  He has guided the Nashua Area Radio Society to prominence through helping so many learn and enjoy more about this great hobby of Amateur Radio.  He continues to bring new ideas to keep Amateur Radio fresh and enjoyable.
Fred will be the perfect person to become ARRL New England Director as he will share the many ideas and applications with each of us. Fred is the perfect pick for this position.
Dr. Bob Heil, K9EID
CEO and Founder, Heil Sound



Fred, congratulations to you and Anita for another action packed Zoom ham radio class session with the kids! I was honored to be a guest in your training sessions!

I encourage all New England ARRL members to support your running for the ARRL New England Director position.

Your leadership with the Nashua Area Radio Society reflects your dedication to our ham radio service, through daily on-air activities and outreach to area hams to continue to grow our service through public outreach.

The classes that you and Anita offer are an example of making things happen – no talking heads here – live demonstrations that kids can see how ham radio, computers, and outer space contacts, are all within their reach as they prepare for the test.

This illustrates leadership at its best – just what the League wants in a Director.

Your emphasis on passing the test, as just the beginning element, to becoming a “real” ham to serve the New England community – from standing watch on the air before a big event, to combining ham radio and computer comms during a public service event.

We thank you for your work as registered ham radio instructors, adding live action PowerPoint materials to follow League and “Gordo” publications to the NCVEC questions pools. This illustrates innovation to new training methods, which the League continues to lead the Nation!

I am delighted on your dedication to see ham radio grow in New England, as well as all over the United States on the internet!

You make thing happen with your team of instructors, and both of us with our volunteer relations to the American Radio Relay League.

Gordon West, WB6NOA
ARRL Life Member (and a brick at The Diamond Club Terrace at League HQ!)



Personally I have been very impressed with Fred AB1OC. He has qualifications as a leader, has shown himself to be a real “go-getter”, and also sees the importance of public service and how both ARES and NTS fit in. If elected he plans to appoint assistant directors each with a specific focus, including emergency communications and public service.

Marcia Forde, KW1U
EMA Section Traffic Manager



Fred is an incredible person who is gifted in bringing his love of amateur radio to so many individuals including young adults and teenagers. Five years ago, Fred and the Nashua Radio Society began working with our STEM club at Bishop Guertin High School introducing the students to amateur radio. His selfless spirit encouraged the students to explore a world yet unfamiliar to them.

With Fred’s patience and guidance, the students researched, planned and released a high altitude balloon on three different occasions. They built their own Morse code transceivers, learning simple code instruction and competing in a friendly competition with one another. They participated in a HAM boot camp, Field days and most notably through Fred’s licensing classes, they earned their technical license. I too, was inspired to earn my license and I now hold a General License.

Fred’s dedication to amateur radio and his love to enrich these young minds brought the greatest experience to our school. Through consistent effort and planning, our students made an ARISS contact with an astronaut on the International Space Station. This broadcast was the highlight of our year.

It is evident that amateur radio has had a positive impact on my students, thanks to Fred. His passion and love for radio will only continue to enrich more individuals. I highly endorse him for ARRL New England Director.

Karen Crivac, KC1KBW
Science Teacher, Bishop Guertin H.S.



Fred has been a great support to Hudson Memorial School and me for the past 5 years. When I contacted Fred and the Nashua Area Radio Society, I only intended to gain the support needed to make an ARISS contact. What I got was a whole lot more. From my first conversation with Fred, I knew he was someone looking to help today’s youth utilize Amateur Radio as a tool to learn about STEM topics. We not only gained the support to make an ARISS contact, but Fred also offered assistance in teaching students about Amateur Radio, provide support to launch and track a High Altitude Balloon, offered students chances to learn Morse Code and participate in a Fox Hunt as well as providing support for any student that wished to get licensed as an Amateur Radio Operator.

Through the process, Fred also assisted my daughter Mackenzie, KE1NZY in getting her Amateur Radio license. Mackenzie gained her Technician License in our first licensing course run for only students. She has since earned her General and Extra level license. She was able to earn her Extra level license at the age of 10 thanks to Fred’s willingness to support and tutor her on how to memorize the most challenging material. I too now hold an Amateur Radio Extra Level license thanks to Fred’s support.

Fred’s coaching and tutelage have also helped me gain access to the ARRL Teacher’s Institute on Wireless technology where I learned even more about Amateur Radio that I can utilize to help students in my classes learn from amateur radio about STEM subjects. He has a great understanding of how energizing our students about Amateur Radio will only pay dividends for the Amateur Radio community now and in the future. I fully support his bid to be elected the New England ARRL Director because I know how passionate he is about Amateur Radio and how is can easily spread his passion to youth and adults alike.

Dan Pooler, AC1EN
Hudson Memorial School
Mathematics Department Chair



I have known Fred and his wife Anita for many years. In my over 40 years of being in the hobby, I have never come across a person as involved as Fred. His endless dedication to amateur radio is amazing.

He goes from school to school, from event to event, and teaches our hobby to huge numbers. He’s everywhere online to promote what we do. He turned the Nashua, New Hampshire radio club into the club of the year. He taught classes for many years and got over 300 new people licensed. Children, Teachers as well principals are grateful for the services that he provides with his teaching. Fred never gets tired of explaining every last detail to newcomers.

He runs field day like a pro and in a very successful way. His engineering skills in building a world-class station at his Hollis, NH home are top shelf as well. Everything is constructed like a Swisse watch.

He’s a great operator too and understands amateur radio from every angle. Whether its HF, VHF and UHF, satellite, or even moon bounce, Fred does it all.

We need AB1OC as a leader in our hobby.

Matt Strelow, KC1XX
World Class Contest Station Owner, Operator, and Antenna Expert



Quite an ambitious endeavor Fred. After knowing you and seeing your work in ham radio for several years now, I believe you would be an excellent choice for this position. I wish you all the best.

Dave Jordan, AA4KN
ARISS Mentor and PR


With our new CEO at the league and the direction he is going, I feel Fred would be an excellent compliment as they have the same vision. The vision we need to make the League and more importantly, the hobby grow and prosper into the future. Keeping an ear to the ground and responding to the needs of the membership is vital and Fred has the ability to respond in a positive way. Best of luck!
Ray Lajoie, KB1LRL
ARRL Western Mass Section Manager
I am pleased to endorse Fred, AB1OC for his run as ARRL New England Division Director in the upcoming fall election. Fred’s leadership with the Nashua Amateur Radio Society and contributions to Amateur Radio over the years make him uniquely qualified to help lead the ARRL well into the future. His background as an administrator, electrical engineer, teacher-mentor coupled with an in-depth understanding of current technologies and STEM educational applications will be of immense value for the continued growth of the amateur radio community and American Radio Relay League in particular.
Peter Stohrer, K1PJS
Incoming ARRL NH Section Manager
Fred Kemmerer will make a terrific New England Director. Mentorship and youth involvement are critical for the growth of our hobby service and the ARRL. His involvement with a large, active radio club, mentoring at Ham Bootcamp, as well as his tireless work as an ARISS Mentor and Ground station, FCC and standards committee involvement, and industry experience makes him uniquely qualified to understand and appreciate the types of activities that will advance the ARRL at a national level as well as here in New England.
Phil Temples, K9HI
ARRL New England Vice Director

Fred is a take-action kind of guy. His leadership skills and involvement with club activities as well as youth participation are exactly what this hobby needs. If he can take a fraction of what he has done with NARS and offer that motivation to the rest of New England, we can all benefit. Clubs play a monumental role in amateur radio and his experience with building club participation and morale has set the standard. Fred is the Amateur Bands 1 and Only Contender (AB1OC) for New England Director. He is in touch with what the current ham does, which I believe sets him apart from the other candidates.

Cory Golob, KU1U
Maine ARRL Section Traffic Manager/Assistant Section Manager

I have had the pleasure of several meetings with Fred to help us get kids on the air. He is a Great knowledge and always willing to help everyone. Highly recommend him for the post.
Ken Burstall, WB8PKK
Westminster, MA

I am new to the Nashua Area Radio Society since I relocated to Nashua from Boulder, Colorado only last year. But, I joined NARS as a member even before I left Colorado after researching a ham radio organization that I wanted to belong to. After reading ALL of the great activities and the involvements of this fine ham radio club, I knew this was the only place for me! And, now, having been involved with Fred and Anita and some of the other members, I am proud to be associated with them and NARS.

I know what it takes to be in that position and do an effective job having served as the Colorado Section Manager for the past ten years prior to my relocation to NH. During my tenure, I worked very closely with the Rocky Mountain Division Directors there, whom I respected very much. Fred has ALL of their fine attributes and more! He is a tireless ambassador of our fine hobby with a passion for mentoring and teaching and has the rare combination of superb organizational skills coupled with a vast knowledge of just about every aspect of amateur radio. I solidly endorse AB1OC for Division Director.

Jack Ciaccia, WM0G
Former ARRL Colorado ARRL Section Manager
Nashua, NH

I am a firm believer that if you volunteer for a position, you work at that position so that it affects everyone around you in a positive way. Fred, you are certainly that type of person. I know that your ideas and actions will benefit all the clubs and hams in New England. Your actions in NH speak loudly of what type of person you are. You won’t just earn the title and then vanish from sight. You’ll be out there with us and for us. That’s the type of person we need. You have my vote.
Larry Krainson, W1AST
President of the Hampden County Radio Association
I couldn’t think of a better ham to represent us and lead the effort to promote amateur radio and improve the hobby! Good luck Fred, you have my vote!
Steve Berry, N1EZ
Bedford, NH
I can’t imagine a candidate more qualified for this leadership position in ARRL. You hold world class records of achievements in technology, management and leadership. Perhaps most, you have the vision, energy and passion to create a future vision for amateur radio contributing to local communities and especially STEM education.
Dave Michaels, N1RF
Brownsburg, IN
If you’re even slightly interested in understanding and/or becoming a licensed ham radio operator these are the people to get connected with! The Nashua Area Radio Club is amazing!! Fred, you would most definitely advance amateur radio if you are in that position!!
Greg Barthol, KB1ICK
New London, NH

Fred, I support your idea of running for the position of New England Director. You do a great job promoting the hobby in your position in the Nashua Area Radio Society and you would be a great asset to the hobby.

Daniel Roy, KA1BNO
West Warwick, RI


Fred, GO FOR IT!! With the energy and insight you bring to the table to bridge the divide from us old guys and today’s connected kids, you’re a natural fit for what is badly needed.

Ed Deichler, K2TE
Former President, Nashua Area Radio Society


Fred, I fully support your decision to run for ARRL New England Director. The advent of Covid changed the way NARS did business with its members, but you never skipped a beat continuing to innovate, something HAMs are good at. I’ll never forget how awed I was at Boxboro in 2019 by NARS and the Boot Camp. This was the primary reason I joined NARS and have stayed with NARS. You and NARS did capture this new HAM. Living in Maine has made it difficult for me, but I am hoping in-person meetings can resume at some point along with the continuation of Zoom meetings at the same time for our internet members.

Anthony Baker, AA3HD
Wells, ME


NARS has always been at the forefront of Amateur Radio education. Fred has consistently been ready to help anyone who wants to learn more about Ham Radio. As an ARRL Division Director, he will be the sparkplug that New England needs.

Patrick Morrison, W1YTT
CERT Member and Instructor
Nashua, NH

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